Cat Communications has been in business for approximately 10 years.  We are small business woman owned corporation.  Our DCJS 11-4039.  We offer a full spectrum of products and services. If you are looking for qualified installers we are your company.  

We offer the WOW factors:

  • Music and Sound Through out the house
                               Smart Color Touch Screen
                                    -Russound UNO - TS2
                                12 Character backlit display - 6 rooms
                                    -Russound UNO S2
                               6 audio - Video source to 6 rooms
                                       -Russound UNO - CAV6.6
                               Learning Remote Control for multi room systems
                                       -Russound SRC2 
  • Intercom through out the house
                                6 station com port system
                                        -Russound ISK2
                                ComPoint System
                                2 Door Station
                                        -Russound ISK3

  • Indoor / Outdoor Camera System
                            IP Outdoor Camera - Front  & Back Door
                               Viewable on Television as well as Computer
                                        -Leviton VSOUT - W
                                IP Indoor Camera - Room Monitoring
                                Viewable on Television as well as Computer
                                        -Leviton VSIND

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