Available Upgrades for any Package

Multimedia Outlet

Each additional outlet provides four connections capable of a variety of uses: Phone, fax, computer network connection, cable TV, satellite, or internal video distribution.

Combination Outlet

Two port outlet which offers an additional phone and video location.  Video connection may be calbe or satellite TV or an internal source.

Voice/Data Outlet

One port outlet that offeres an additional phone location in the house or provides an additional location for a computer network connection.

Video Outlet

One port outlet that offers an additional video location for distribution of cable TV, satellite, or internal video signal.


Home Office Outlet

Three port outlet that provides a phone, fax, and data/modem connection from your desired location in the house.


Internet Gateway Router

Router allows you to simultaneously share the internet on 4 computers (with only one internet bill) and to network computers to share data and peripheral devices, such as printers.  High speed internet is required (DSL, cable or satellite) and computers must have network interface card.

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